May 2013

Expecting Fortune’s Heir

by Cindy Kirk

Just a kiss at New Year’s

That was all Natalia Serrano had intended. She couldn’t believe she had slept with a complete stranger! Lia had never done anything so out of character in her life. Now, against all odds, she was pregnant—and she had no idea how to find her mysterious, memorable lover.

It had been months since Shane Fortune had been in Red Rock. But no amount of time could have prepared him for the revelation that Lia was expecting. His child, she said. The distrustful Fortune executive vowed to take control of the situation. What he couldn’t control, however, was the hold the beautiful Latina and her unborn baby were quickly taking over his heart….

Faith and Hope – Grace’s Story

by Jewell Tweedt

In this final book of the Back to Omaha Adventure series teacher Grace Freeport has something to hide.Her romantic interest-lawyer Billy Prescott has something to prove.She’s in Omaha, he’s in Baltimore.What she wants and what he wants couldn’t be more different. When she reveals her surprising past some townspeople are ready to send her packing. An unexpected blizzard and support from friends changes everything. Learn if Billy’s discovery about her past and his ambitions in life will destroy their bonds or bind them together in a discovery of faith and hope – Grace’s story.

The Double Keltic Triad Collection

Books One – Three

by *lizzie starr

In the fey Otherworld, a half-faerie child is born. To protect him from evil and a crusade to protect the purity of the faerie race, he is abandoned in the human world, never to know of his magical heritage.

Now the boy is a man rooted in reality, and fantasy is only something from an undisciplined imagination.

By Keltic Design tells the story of this man, Jaye, and how he discovers his heritage… and love with Allyn.

Fires of a Keltic Moon is the tale of Jay and Allyn’s daughter, Lara, whose special magical talent allows her to create portals to other times. But evil travels the past and the Scottish Highlands, creating blocks to Lara and Iain’s love.

The fairy wee folk are but myth and legend, even to the faerie. In Keltic Flight, the fairy Korin falls in love with Jaye’s sister, Nanceen, and is forced to bargain with an evil king to woo her. To fulfill the conditions, he risks discovery, and his life.


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