May 2014

The Scandalous Adventures
of the Sister of the Bride

by Victoria Alexander

The bride and groom cordially request the presence of . . .

The bride’s sister, Delilah, the very proper widowed Lady Hargate, and Samuel Russell, the groom’s friend, a very eligible, slightly improper bachelor at their upcoming wedding.

Lady Hargate and Mr. Russell, previously acquainted during one unforgettable night in New York City when caution—and clothing —were thrown to the wind will choose to pretend they have never met before.

The lady plans to avoid love and its complications at all costs.

The gentleman intends to change her mind.

Guests are invited to enjoy the many diversions of Millworth Manor—delightful grounds, lavish drawing rooms, secluded corners—and the chance to discover that one night may have been only the beginning.

Gold In My Pocket

by Jewell Tweedt

Meet Laura Webb who’s been dragged to Black Gulch, California when her father catches gold fever. But the tough mining camp with no streets, houses, or other women is a dangerous place. When her father abandons her Laura is determined to make her own fortune and go back to civilization. She learns that the quickest way to put gold in her pocket is not with a pick ax but a sewing needle. But some of the miners have their eyes on her.

Joshua Quigley is a young pastor with a daunting mission-minister to the men in the California gold camps. Meeting Laura he’s convinced he’s found his helpmate in building a church and respectable community. Trouble is, Laura’s focus is lining her pockets and heading east.

When her father is murdered for his gold and Laura is the next target she must find a way to protect herself and her pony, Sugar Pie, until she can escape. Look out miners- Laura’s coming with gold in her pocket and a pistol in her hand.


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