May 2016

Special Delivery Baby

by Sherri Shackelford

An abandoned baby is the last thing town founder Will Canfield expects on his doorstep. He’s not the father—and the mother’s unknown. But the precious little girl needs a protector. And Will never backs down from a challenge, even if it means caring for a newborn…or dealing with spitfire cattle driver Tomasina Stone.

With her father gone, Tomasina’s trail life has ended. Yet becoming a polished city lady feels far out of her reach. All she wants is a place where she’ll be appreciated, respected…maybe loved. And the more time she spends helping Will care for the baby, the more she wonders if she’s found it. She’s never wanted to settle down…but Cowboy Creek—by Will’s side—might finally give her heart a lasting home.

Cowboy Creek: Bringing mail-order brides, and new beginnings, to a Kansas boomtown.


Chaps: Cherry County Cowboys 2

by Jules Dixon

Rising rodeo star Nate O’Neill never expected to be living in a small Nebraska ranching town waiting for his rodeo brother to recover from a vicious ride. His unplanned stop steers him into the arms and bed of local celebrity, Tennessee Reed. Soon he questions what thrills him more—the rodeo or Tenn. Forced to face his reckless past, he’s reminded that relationships can cause damage far worse than any bull ride … and maybe he’s headed for the same suffering again.

Professional football draft-pick Tennessee Reed returns home emotionally shattered by the unexpected passing of his father who left Tenn with a hereditary secret buried in his chest. He might be dying inside, but when Nate walks into his life all Tenn’s troubles seem to disappear into those hazel eyes and he’s never felt more alive. Will Tenn follow the cowboy wherever life leads? Or will he protect his heart and watch those fringed leather chaps ride away?

His Mail Order Family

by Mary Connealy

in Spring Into Love
(Heartwarming Inspirational Historical Fiction)
(Seekers Collections Volume 9)

A lonely young rancher orders a mail order bride and after the vows are spoken, she ‘surprises’ him with her three little brothers.

Silas Harden, Jr. is married to a woman he doesn’t trust.

Meghan McCray acted in desperation and no amount of apologies are going to make Silas believe a word she says.

She’s ashamed, but she was desperate.

Can love grow? Can two armed camps make peace and form a family?

Or should Silas just build himself another house and let his mail order family take over the one he’s got?

A Bride Rides Herd

by Mary Connealy

in The 12 Brides of Summer Collection

A Montana Marriages collection meets Lassoed in Texas in a love story for the ages. Sweetwater Bride, Belle Tanner’s got another son in trouble. And kidnapping a woman is a poor way to start a marriage, but Belle almost approves. Now her son Tanner must compete with a longhorn bull for Debba’s affections–and that longhorn is one of Debba’s best friends.