January 2014

“She Came by Train”

in Bride by Arrangement

 by Janet Syas Nitsick

She Came by Train to a desolate land in the spring of 1876. With mixed feelings, Opal Preston steps onto the platform to meet her employer, Alexander Boyer. She accepts his hand and climbs into his wagon to begin her role as the governess of his two children whose mother is deceased. As she executes her duties, she wonders how she will cope without the finery she left behind. Soon two men are vying for her affections. Alex cannot imagine his life without her to stay in Nebraska. But a preacher from Virginia also is smitten with her and offers to take her back to her home. She Came by Train, but only her heart will determine if she will return that way. 

“Meeting her Match”

in A Match Made in Texas

by Mary Connealy

Shy school marm Hannah Taylor is resigned to spinsterhood. She’s discovered a knack for meddling. Now three couples have found love, thanks to her.

Successful banker Marcus Whitfield has been working up the nerve to ask Hannah out for a few years now. Trouble is, he turns into a clumsy , tongue tied dolt whenever she’s near.

The town busy bodies, including Marcus’s exasperated ma, despair of Hannah and Marcus realizing they’re made for each other.


“Hannah’s Vow”

by Pam Crooks


“Saint or Sinner”

by Cheryl St.John

in Tangled

In this boxed set, four exceptional women tangle with four tough men to bring you four riveting reads!

Four full-length novels of passion and redemption by USA Today, Barnes & Noble and Amazon bestselling authors. In each story, each of these women has the courage to face her fears and build a life nobody thought possible. And in each story, a man gains her trust and nearly tears her dream to shreds. Yet out of the wreckage comes a love each woman thought she’d never know.


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