February 2014

The Marshal’s Ready-Made Family

by Sherri Shackelford

A Marriage of Necessity

Gentlemen don’t court feisty straight shooters like JoBeth McCoy. Just as she’s resigned to a lifetime alone, a misunderstanding forces the spunky telegraph operator into a marriage of convenience. Wedding the town’s handsome new marshal offers JoBeth a chance at motherhood, caring for the orphaned little girl she’s come to love.

Garrett Cain will lose guardianship of his niece, Cora, if he stays single, but he knows no woman could accept the secrets he’s hidden about his past. The lawman can’t jeopardize Cora’s future by admitting the truth. Yet when unexpected danger in the small town threatens to expose Garrett’s long-buried secret, only a leap of faith can turn a makeshift union into a real family.

A Sweetheart for Jude Fortune

by Cindy Kirk

It’s love at first sight for one sexy cowboy–but has this Fortune met the only woman who just might slip through his grasp? Cindy Kirk weaves a sweet and sexy Valentine’s Day romance in this latest installment of the new Fortunes of Texas continuity!

All A Lady Wants

by Connie Crow

After losing her parents, Lady Sarah Evanston fights to reclaim her life and her place in Regency society. She has promised herself she will reopen her family home and live there on her own, rather than marry someone who wants only her fortune, not her love. She risks becoming a social outcast, finding neither husband nor happiness.


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