November 2014

Saigon Moon

by BJ Betts

Rick Jameson leaves his small Iowa town for the jungles of Viet Nam expecting to come home and marry his high school sweetheart, Vickie Richards. But when he receives a “Dear John” letter with her engagement ring enclosed, Rick decides to be the biggest badass Marine the Viet Cong have ever dealt with. After all…what does he have to live for now?

On one suicide mission too many, Rick is shot and left for dead, only to be discovered by a young Vietnamese girl, Hang Le. She saves Rick’s life, and their passion flares in the steamy jungles of southeast Asia.

The Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding

by Victoria Alexander

Jackson Quincy Graham Channing is not the man he thought he was. His well ordered life is turned upside down when he learns the father he thought was dead is very much alive, a man of adventure and excitement who never knew he had a son. Jack not only has a father but he’s heir to a title as well. Jack’s father brings him to England to meet his long lost family at his cousin’s wedding at Millworth Manor.

Lady Theodosia Winslow’s life is not turning out exactly as she had expected either. To make ends meet, she’s turned to planning weddings and social events for England’s elite.

A fake engagement, scandalous revelations and a very real threat bring them together but will their own quests to discover who they are and what they want pull them apart? And will love be the ultimate price they pay for following their hearts?

A Bride for the Sheriff

by Jewell Tweedt

“I’ll teach you to laugh at the sheriff of Omaha,” Tom said with a wide smile. She answered by pushing him further into the ankle-deep water, but she slipped and fell atop him. Despite the cool water, heat rushed to her cheeks. Tom simply smiled wider, laying there while Claire attempted to untangle herself. She was so enamored by his twinkling eyes that she forgot where she was, that the whole town could spot them in a moment. Just for a second he eased his face closer to hers.

Snowflakes and Teardrops

by BJ Betts

On a dark and snowy November night, ER nurse, Celina Gray, takes into her home two little girls after they land in the ER with their mother, who has been seriously injured. Little did she know by taking the girls that it would land her under the protective custody of Detective Brad Palmquist. He was there to serve and protect them, but who was going to protect her heart from him?

Run to Love: Triple R Series #1

by Jules Dixon

Timid but kickass car salesperson Presley Bradenhurst transformed her body in two years. When her long-term trainer is fired, the newest addition to Run-Ride-Rock Gym steps up as the one who desires to make her sweat. Personal trainer Jude Saylor declares his cocky intentions—he wants Presley, but will her past emotional trauma and his sometimes misguided efforts keep Presley from discovering if he can make her heart pound outside of the gym, too? Or will Presley find a way to break down the walls she’s created and learn to trust him?

Ribbons of Love, Triple R Series #7

by Jules Dixon

Twenty-two-year-old Avery Knicely grew up with three older brothers who can’t see her as anything but the baby. Her ability to trust her inner voice on what she really wants and needs is twisted with doubts, but after the ways of her brothers, she’s positive she doesn’t need a man to take care of her. Security specialist Bryson Welch has returned to Omaha, Nebraska, but his controlling and manipulative twin sister reminds him on a daily basis why he joined the army and why he never should have returned home to endure the toxic relationships his sister and mother perpetuate. A blind date leads to a cold night in his Jeep and fulfills a Christmas wish for Bryson, but will he be able to show Avery he can take care of her in the ways she really needs without overpowering her? Or will family come between the young lovers and lead Avery to question his true intentions?