December 2014

Rest, My Love, Triple R Series #2

by Jules Dixon

Interior designer and talented singer Sage Whiteman fears getting to know a man and revealing her real scars. Security company owner Rahl Vendetti returned from Afghanistan with his own issues, including a vicious monster doing its best to inflict devastation on all of his relationships. They have plenty of chemistry, but do they have the ability to be what the other needs outside of the bedroom, too? Sage may be the angel to bring out the gentle giant in Rahl, but can he be the strength she needs to face her uncertain future? Will they save each other and create something unexpected?


Ride With Love, Triple R Series #3

by Jules Dixon

Chef and selfless human Willow Harper thought she had found a forever love with Kanyon Hills. His emerald eyes penetrated her soul and he didn’t steal just her heart—he owned everything about her. Then, without reason he announced they were over and created a crevice where her heart used to be. For five years Moriah Weston was on a search to find the man with a griffin tattoo and emerald eyes like the daughter he had never known–her first love, Kanyon Hills. Kanyon has prided himself on being an honest and moral member of society, until he finds out about the fateful night he and Moriah created the bubbling Grace Ily Weston. Will Kanyon grow from his past mistakes and choose the woman who fills his heart’s crevices, or will he sacrifice his own heart to the woman who had his child? Can Willow learn to put herself first and find her own happiness with or without Kanyon?